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Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Is your car crying out for a little spring cleaning?

After a rough winter on the roads, now is the time to finally give your car the pampering it deserves.

Before hitting the road and heading to your favorite destinations this spring and summer, consider taking care of your vehicle, both inside and out. You’ll ride in proudly in style with peace of mind, no matter your destination during the busy road trip season!

Start your spring cleaning from the inside out

The seats: the oft-forgotten thrones

Being one of the most used parts of your car, the seats are often the most neglected. They deserve their fair share of attention as the wonderful spring and summer seasons set in!

It’s always wise to start with a good vacuuming, especially in the grooves and seams of your seats: this is where most food crumbs and dust tend to accumulate.

For fabric seats:

You can use a steam cleaner for a deeper clean when a little more than rubbing with a cloth is required;
You may also use white vinegar to help you clean your seats. This marvelous, multitasker is versatile enough to help you clean the entire inside of your car. Simply mix equal parts vinegar with hot water and use a sponge to scrub your seats. Wipe them down with a damp cloth after and you’re done!

For leather seats:

Use a product designed for leather seats and a microfiber cloth to wipe them down quickly after;
You can also use specifically shaped tools to remove stains with products developed specially for leather seats.

Floor mats: the overlooked carpets that we walk all over

Once again, a good vacuuming is your best friend when cleaning your car’s floor mats;
You can then thoroughly clean your mats with soap and water, letting them air-dry for long lasting freshness.


Eliminate the salt and calcium that accumulated during the winter

After our particularly harsh winter, treat your car’s body to an Ultramar Ultrawash, giving it the spic-and-span shine it deserves this spring. An Ultrawash deep cleans down to the smallest slots and groves of your car;
It’s important to remember to clean under your car as well; snow and ice blocks can cause considerable damage to the mechanical components hidden there;
We also advise you to complete the job by examining and cleaning the smaller mechanical parts under the hood, ensuring there are no traces of salt or calcium.

Give your car buff waxing and be the envy of your neighbours

Several types of wax are available in retail stores across the country. Here’s what you need to know:

First of all, start with a quality microfiber cloth; this is essential.

Paste waxes

Recommended for older cars or those with damaged or degraded bodies;
Better durability (taking into account the brand used);
You must wait 30 seconds before polishing your car so that the wax is completely dry;
Provides an overall meticulous finish.

Liquid waxes

Recommended for new cars or those in good condition;
Protects well and achieves positive aesthetic results;
Provides an overall meticulous finish.

Spray waxes

Quick drying time;
However, the effect wears off quickly;
Easy to apply.

Tip : Homemade air freshener

Find a piece of wood, the shape of your liking, in a DIY/craft store;
Chose a scented essential oil (eucalyptus, lavender) and spray it on the wood;
Place the essential oil scented wood in a bag with a hermetic closure;
Wait a few hours so that the oil penetrates deep into the wood;
Hang it with a string from your rearview mirror.

Last but not least

Windshield wipers

Be sure to check your windshield wipers to see if they require changing. Look for damage or breaks in the rubber to determine if it is necessary to change them.

Climate control and air conditioning

Check to make sure both systems are working optimally so that you don’t always have to keep the windows open to circulate air.


If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to change your winter tires. Check with a specialist to ensure your summer tires are still in good condition so you can spend your summer riding in peace.

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