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6 Tips for Better Driving This Winter!

If you travel by car, you probably already know that driving is more enjoyable when you are comfortable in your space.

Whether your trip is long or short, you can have a great time on the road—if you prepare for it!

With that in mind, here are 6 top tips to make the most of your time on the road this winter!

1 - Bring a hot drink in a good mug

Do you own a good travel mug for coffee or tea? Choosing the ideal mug for that cup holder between the front seats can make a big difference.

When you're shopping for that must-have mug, bear in mind that the material the mug is made from can have a big impact on its lifespan. The best materials are porcelain, ceramic, and stainless steel, partly because of how well they retain heat.

Steeping your favourite tea or brewing your favourite coffee is sure to put you in good spirits wherever you're going. Why not use this as an opportunity to try out new flavours and brands to spice things up on the road?

This next part applies to road trips more than it does to daily driving: plan stops at restaurants and coffee shops to give yourself a change of scenery from your usual spots. The trip will be more fun that way!

2 - Achieve maximum comfort with a heated seat

More and more car brands offer the option of heated seats, but not all drivers have that luxury. If you are among those with unheated seats, it's not too late to treat yourself to this feature!

Head to a department store and choose the seat heater that's right for you. On top of warming you up, the cushioned seat will keep you extra comfortable!

3 - Play some tunes

Whether you’re driving by yourself or with your crew, nothing beats great music to make sure you have a good time on the road!

If you have some downtime on the weekend, get comfortable and pick some songs you like or some artists you want to listen to more. Once your playlists have been compiled and saved to your music app, all you have to do is hit "Play" and start the car!

Did you know that Ultramar has a Spotify account with pre-built playlists available to the public? What a great way to create a fun atmosphere on the road!

4 - Plan your route carefully!

Is this the time of year when you visit your friends? Or is it perhaps the time of the winter when your whole group of friends gets together at a chalet for a ski weekend?

Whatever the occasion, times like these are an opportunity not only to recharge, but also to discover new routes. If you have to drive on unfamiliar roads, it may be helpful to enter your destination addresses into a GPS app.

In addition to inputting meeting locations, you may want to consider downloading the relevant maps for your road trip. This will be very handy if you lose your network connection.

5 - Use nice scents to keep a clear head on the road

Winter driving can be stressful when you have to deal with all kinds of weather conditions and extreme temperature variations.

How about building yourself a little scent collection for your car? Choose relaxing and comforting scents that will soothe you while you drive.

You have several options: one of those classic little pine trees that hang from the rear-view mirror, an air freshener that clips onto the vent, or even just an air freshener that stands upright and can be placed in an open storage compartment.

You can also buy a bottle of your favourite essential oil to disperse the fragrance using a diffuser inside your car.

A nice scent is great way to have a better time on the road!

6 - Keep the right tools on hand for when you need them most

We’re told year after year that putting the right tools in the car can save so much hassle.

For example: Imagine you park your car to go run some errands, and over the next hour there's heavy snowfall. You'll be relieved to have a collapsible shovel in the car to clear the snow away from your tires.

Here's another example: Imagine one of your passengers sustains a mild injury while you're out for a drive. Your friend will be glad that you have disinfectant wipes and bandages in your first-aid kit. Especially if you still have a long way to go!

There are also some must-haves to put at the top of your list:

  • A full jug of windshield washer fluid
  • A snow brush in good condition
  • Warm gloves in case you forget yours
  • A charging cable for your mobile phone

Have a safe and fun drive!

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