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What initial amount should I invest?

For an initial investment, usually between $80,000 and $130,000, you can become an Ultramar service station operator. A bond of variable value, depending on the amount invested in consignment.

Is there support to help make my service station profitable?

Ultramar provides support, particularly through its marketing department and through its business partners; helping you make your station profitable.

Are there reward systems in place for top performers?

Yes, an advantageous program has been put in place for the best performing agents in our network.


Can I choose where I want to open my service station?

It is possible for you to choose where you want to open an Ultramar service station, depending on availability and the agent’s qualifications.

What training is offered for me and my employees?

Agent training is offered for a all new service station operators. For employees, a tool in the form of a training guide is offered.

Do I have to manage prices and orders with suppliers directly?

All agreements with suppliers are conducted by Ultramar. However, the agent is responsible for daily replenishment orders at their service station.


Am I responsible for the marketing of my service station?

By operating an Ultramar service station, you will be supported by our marketing department. We offer merchandising advice, TV, Web, radio, direct mail campaigns as well as a sales team located in Eastern Canada.

Visit the “why choose Ultramar?” section for further details. 

Business model

What is the business model for operating an Ultramar service station?

This is an “integrated business” business model. This means that the store or business is owned by the parent company (Parkland Petroleum Corporation) and is operated by an external resource that will act as the operator. To learn more, read the article about this model on the LIME blog.

Am I the owner of my Ultramar service station?

The agent operations on Ultramar’s premises with his or her inventory and employees; the agent does not own the station.

What are the benefits of this type of business model?

The “integrated trade” method is halfway between the single enterprise and the franchise. Without having to invest amounts that can sometimes seem high, you’re assured that you’re managing a business from a banner that has proven itself over time. In using this business model, you benefit from a motivating and profitable business opportunity. To learn more, read the article that talks about this model on the LIME blog.


What qualities to you need to become an Ultramar service station operator?

We are looking for interested and motivated candidates to excel by operating Ultramar service stations. You must be willing to be part of a team of accomplished retailers and play an active role in your region with enthusiasm. We are looking for energetic operators who provide an excellent customer service and who are dedicated to growing the business. Visit our How to operate an Ultramar service station to learn more.

What knowledge do I need to become an Ultramar service station operator?

This program is for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in a full-time business project and who possess leadership, as well as good knowledge of inventory management and finance. They also demonstrate an ability to communicate with and manage employees. Entrepreneurial in nature, station operators must be autonomous, motivated and capable of adapting to the different situations they may face. Go to our How to become an Ultramar service station operator to learn more.

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