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Your list of road trip essentials

While you’ve no doubt spent a great deal of time planning your trip, we’ve put together a complete checklist of essentials that you don’t want to forget. After all, you want to make the most out of your vacation!

Step one, what type of traveler are you? Suitcase or backpack?

-You’re the adventurous type: a backpack is your best bet!
-You’re more into glamping: go with the suitcase!

Put your personal belongings on a checklist

We’ve prepared this list that you can easily copy onto your smartphone so that you don’t forget anything before leaving.

Clothing, shoes, etc.

T-shirts and camisoles: for those gorgeous days!
Shorts and pants: from hot days at the beach to cool nights near the campfire.
Swimsuits: for when you come across that perfect summer swimming hole.
A hoodie: you never know when the temperature could drop!
A hat: perfect for blocking out the sun or for keeping your head warm.
A rain jacket: you can never be too protected from the rain!
Underwear: that should go without saying.
Socks: no one likes to have cold feet.
Shoes: running shoes, hiking shoes and shoes to take you from the beach to dinner.
Sleeping bag: for cool summer nights near the beach.

You have everything you need to dress for a successful road trip? Now it’s time to think about personal care.

Taking care of yourself

Sunscreen: don’t worry, you’ll still tan.
After-sun moisturizer: for those nasty sunburns!
Body wash: soap in either liquid or solid form, its best to remain squeaky clean!
Shampoo and conditioner: clean hair feels amazing after a long day on the road.
Towels: often forgotten but always appreciated when you step out of the shower!
Insect repellent: because they are voracious!
First-aid kit: for even the smallest cut!
Protein bars: easy to eat while driving which also means less stops.
A water bottle: staying hydrated is paramount!

Your travel and identity documents, no matter how far you might travel!

Your driver's license: the minimum.
Your car’s registration papers: because you never know!
Travel insurance: you can never be too careful!
Your health insurance card: an accident can happen to anyone.
Your passport: a last minute trip across the border could be in the cards.
Your debit and credit cards: cash is also a must!
Your reservations along the way: take note of everything in your smartphone.

You’ll be spending a great deal of time in your car, take good care of it!

Your vehicle, your friend

A garbage container: no one wants a car covered in garbage.
A box of tissues: summer is a time for allergies and you can catch a cold at any time.
Toilet paper: for those quick “in between” stops.
Spare tire: have you checked to make sure it’s still there?

Your gadgets

Your mobile contract: shop around for the best deals before leaving!
Your playlist: create the perfect soundtrack for your trip!
Your earbuds: perfect for backseat naps when there’s more than two people travelling.
Your phone charger: don’t miss a single Instagramable moment.
A portable charging device: when you’re almost out of juice and you’re still far from your next stop.
Your camera: for capturing each moment in all their splendid beauty.

You’ve checked off everything on this list? Well, you’re finally ready to check the “leave on your road trip” box!

Have a great trip!

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