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Get your Car Ultra-Organized for Spring!

Ah, spring cleaning! Often associated with the home, this season of major cleaning is also perfect for getting your car in order.

The outside of your car likely just experienced a rough winter season and deserves a little TLC, but it’s also important not to neglect its interior! Here is our list of tips for getting the inside of your car clean and tidy, inspired by Marie Kondo’s famous technique, among others.

Ready, set, organize!

Clean in the morning

Does the idea of spring cleaning your car make you want to run? Take a few minutes to put together a playlist of calming music which promotes concentration. You can also opt to work in silence, as suggested by Marie Kondo. Last KonMari tip: the ideal time of the day to start cleaning is in the morning.

Optimize the use of your glove compartment

Sure, your glove compartment isn’t the most visible part of your car. That may be why people tend to leave it closed: to avoid having to admit how messy it is.

Why not change your habits by purchasing a file to keep things organized and spending 10 minutes getting everything in order? It’s also a great opportunity to take stock of the paperwork you keep there:

  • Which documents should be kept in the car at all times?
  • Can any useless papers be recycled?

Once your documents are sorted out, decide which objects (other than paper) can stay in the glove compartment. For example, it might be a good idea to keep a first aid kit in there. You never know what could happen on a drive!

It’s important to take a moment to decide where to keep each object and document. As specified in the KonMari method, each item should have its own place—an essential rule to keep in mind (as much as possible). You’ll feel so much better knowing everything is where it’s supposed to be.

Organize the center console

Every car model is different. But there is one thing that never changes: the storage space between the driver and passenger seats.

If you have a lot of room between the gear stick and the back of the car, take advantage of it. However, try to keep your cup holders free: you never know when a café latte could make an appearance!

**Extra tip**  Install a small garbage can on the floor next to the passenger seat. this way, you’ll have somewhere to put your trash rather than leaving it strewn about the car.

Use the door storage!

Car designers really know how to innovate in terms of storage nowadays. Doors aren’t only used for getting in and out of the car: they can also store an incredible number of things!

Unfortunately, this is often where waste accumulates. Instead, use the compartments to store essentials like hand sanitizer, a small umbrella for unexpected rain, cleaning wipes for everyday messes, etc.

Just ensure not to crowd your doors too much to avoid objects falling onto the street every time you open and close them. You’ve been warned!

Maximize your trunk space

The key is to leave as much unused space as possible all while having some basics. Let’s not forget that the trunk’s main role is to be able to transport purchases when running errands, and suitcases when you travel.

To ensure your things don’t get spread out all over your trunk, get yourself a plastic bin—ideally a transparent one—as prescribed by the KonMari method.

By choosing a size suited to your car, you can place it comfortably at the back of your trunk, so that it doesn’t take up too much room. You can use it to store:

  • Reusable bags
  • A small shovel and snow brush (which you can remove in summer!)
  • A bottle of windshield washer fluid
  • A small toolbox
  • A blanket
  • Etc.

Plus, don’t forget that your spare wheel is hidden inside your trunk, so the more stuff you keep there, the harder it will be to access it when you get a flat tire.

Keep your cargo well organized

When going on a road trip, things are often planned at the last minute and packing the car can be stressful. That’s why it’s important to know the best strategies for organizing your trunk.

One good tip is to put the biggest bags and suitcases at the back of the trunk. Keep the lightest pieces closest to the opening and prepare a bag containing specific objects and things you might need depending on with whom you’re travelling: your family, your pet, etc.

Getting your car organized is simple, and you’ll soon see how these tips help make driving easier and more enjoyable. We bet you’ll feel calmer at the wheel and in better control of the car—and yourself—even when you’re stuck in traffic!

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