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Next Stop: the Beach!

Warm weather, green grass and the smell of suntan lotion have been with us for a few weeks now and you’ve been toying with the idea of going on a road trip to the beach. Instead of continuing to hem and haw about it, just sit down and choose the best sandy place you can get to by car.

Next Stop: the Beach of Your Dreams!

Ontario’s Hidden Blue Shores 

Have you always been fascinated by tropical blue seas, but never actually been there? That’s no problem! Now you can load your tent and all your camping gear into your vehicle and head out to Pancake Bay

You’ll remember your swim at this beach on Lake Superior for a long time as its clear blue water is worthy of those of southern destinations. Take the time to enjoy outdoor activities here and to create priceless memories!

A Place to Discover (If You Haven’t Already Done So)!



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Does the term "le Lac" (the Lake) sound familiar, but you don’t know why? Maybe it’s because Lac Saint-Jean, a large body of water in the Saguenay─Lac-Saint-Jean region, is well-known for its wide-open spaces, the many villages around the lake and its famous lakeside cycling trail. 

If you’re tempted to go and enjoy the outdoors in this region, don’t forget that you can take a dip and cool down at Saint-Gédéon’s municipal beach. You’ll be delighted by its camping site, activities and the many services available!

Nothing’s Too Good or Too Big For You? 

Are you the type that likes to do things big? And you’ve already been to just about every lake and river? Then now’s the time to pack your bags and to take off for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean!

Parlee Beach is the destination for saltwater babies. And it will please even those most sensitive to the cold since Tourism New Brunswick’s web site boasts it as Canada’s warmest saltwater beach

Pamper Your Feet and Boost Your Morale in the Sand! 


found heaven on earth today. 〰✨

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If you can’t remember the last time you travelled to a southern destination and you’re hit with nostalgia, then Sand Hills Beach Provincial Park is the place you want to be this summer! 

Why? Because this Nova Scotian beach is famous for its large expanse of white sand. Your feet will be grateful to you for letting them relax for hours in the sand. So, collect your bathing suits and towels, but don’t bring too many pairs of sandals, because you won’t be needing them! 

A Bridge and a Beach for the Most Exciting Road Trip!  

Why not make the most of the summer’s warm temperatures to drive over the magnificent and impressive Confederation Bridge to your destination 10 minutes further down the road at Chelton Beach?

You can hit two birds with one stone by admiring Northumberland Strait while relaxing on a red sand beach. Don’t forget to stock up on windshield washer fluid and to refuel, and make sure your first aid kit contains everything you’ll need in case of injury!

Driving To a Haven of Peace  


A Gorgeous picture I snapped of Kelly’s island at topsail beach a couple weeks ago!

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Would you like to feel like you’re on a desert island, only you’re not alone? If so, Topsail Beach has what you need!  

Located on Conception Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador, Topsail Beach offers memorable sunsets and picnic sites overlooking the bay. The quality time you’ll spend here with family, friends or as a couple will be worth the trip!


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