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Plan a Garden Party Like a Pro

Summer is all about enjoying time outdoors, which includes taking advantage of your own backyard. The next step: inviting your family and friends over to celebrate! To help you get inspired, we’ve compiled a few tips for a successful garden party, whether you’re planning a more formal or laidback gathering.

1. Create shade to keep guests comfortable

It’s nice to take in some sun and heat, but your body also needs to cool down—especially when you’re outside for hours at a time. Make sure you create shaded areas to maximize enjoyment: add parasols to tables, place chairs under trees, or hang a shade sail between two poles or both ends of your fence.

Don’t have a pool? Why not put out some spray bottles filled with water for your guests? Another fun idea: distribute hand fans to people when they arrive, for a different way of welcoming them. 

2. Plan a play space for children

Will younger guests be attending your event? Don’t forget to include them in your planning! Rearrange your yard to ensure there is an area where they can all play together. You can set out toys on the lawn, install a small pool to keep them cool, and why not rent inflatable games if you have room? The kids will have a ball!

3. Decorate your table with flowers and summery place settings

One of the keys to a successful garden party: a breathtaking yet inviting table for your guests. Take the time to choose a theme for your decorations. What kind of atmosphere do you wish to create? Here are a few ideas for some inspiration: the Hamptons (think seaside chic), the English countryside, minimalism, or simply colourful and festive. You’ll need glasses, plates, and silverware, and it’s always nice to leave fresh water bottles on the table. A small detail that makes a world of difference: the addition of plants and flowers, chosen according to your décor theme. 

4. Whip up colourful refreshments

Virgin or with alcohol, for kids and adults, make sure your refreshments express your creativity. Spruce up drinks with pieces of fruit (oranges, cherries, lime), and serve juice, sparkling beverages, or even kombucha. You can even brew your own iced tea (using regular tea bags), and sweeten it with maple syrup. Upon request, you can add alcohol to these concoctions (rum, vodka, or even sparkling wine). Extra tip: make ice cubes from juice or fizzy drinks.

5. Prepare a simple yet tasty menu

It’s time to fire up the grill and prepare vegetables and protein for everyone. Plan your menu according to your garden party theme. Think grilled seafood, tofu, and meat, but don’t forget to also make fruit and veggie platters, as well as set out crackers and chips here and there. If you’re lacking inspiration, check out our blog for creative BBQ recipe ideas.

6. Compile inspiring playlists

Your garden party will also need music to set the mood. Don’t forget to compile playlists beforehand to help create the right atmosphere; you can play them at different times throughout the day. When people start arriving, opt for lively music that promotes chatting and discussion. Follow up with a dynamic and fun playlist that invites kids to play and puts people of every age in a festive mood. During mealtime, go for something a little softer and jazzy to create a cozy atmosphere. At night, depending on the type of party you’re hosting, choose a festive playlist, or something calm and relaxing. 

7. Don’t forget about lighting

Are you hosting people in the evening? Ensure your space has sufficient lighting. String lights are the easiest solution. There is an array of choices on the market, from classic versions to more inventive ones: pineapple-shaped lights, imitation candles, and even Asian-inspired paper lanterns. Other ideas for creating different stations in your yard: lit-up signs, light-up LED flower pots, chic lanterns, etc. You can even light up surprising elements, like the outline of your flower pots or wooden logs to create the look of a fire. Unleash your creativity!

Have fun at your garden party!

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