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Get Ultra-Comfortable at Home with Hygge!

Every year, the arrival of the cold season invites us to slow down. The best place to do it: at home, where it’s warm, welcoming, and Ultra-comfortable. Your dwelling becomes a gathering space for family and friends, where everyone can come together and share the bigger and smaller joys of everyday life. Did you know that there is a way of life that is completely in tune with this vision? It’s called “hygge”, a Danish concept that is easily within anyone’s reach. Here’s how to integrate this philosophy into your daily life.

Set the atmosphere

What could be more comforting than candlelight? Have you ever noticed that when candles are lit, people tend to speak softer, be calmer, and take things down a notch? Soft lighting (thank you, dimmer!) can have a similar effect. Just ensure the light emitted by your bulbs is a soft white that isn’t too harsh or bright. If you have a fireplace or wood stove—whether it’s powered by electricity, wood, or oil—put it to use! Even if the flames are artificial, their red hue will help soothe and warm your heart.

Live authentically

Go back to basics: enjoy the simple things in life and the precious moments you can experience in the Ultra-comfort of your home when you decide to disconnect. Naturally, this means turning off your smart devices! You’ll feel calmer, and start to breathe deeper and more easily, enjoying the present moment. Hygge is an experience that doesn’t require any specific purchases or skills. Put your own spin on it by reading, drawing or writing, cooking your favourite comfort foods, working on a jigsaw puzzle, or watching an old movie—in other words, by taking some time to yourself.

An evening with friends

Here, the emphasis is on spending quality time with your loved ones. Forget about three-, four-, and five-course meals that will have you mentally preparing for days before you even start cooking. Opt for simplicity! Don’t forget: hygge is all about the experience. Consider hosting a potluck or just pick something easy to whip up… together in the comfort of your home. The best evenings are those spent with the people closest to you. Liven them up with rich discussions, board games, or a deck of cards!

Go play outside

The best way to fully enjoy the comfort of your home is to spend some time in the great outdoors first! Fill your lungs with that cold, crisp winter air while enjoying your favourite activity—that’s also part of living in the moment. Think hygge: there is no need to spend on skis or hockey equipment. Bundle up, grab a shovel—or maybe just your mittens—and build a fort or an igloo with the kids. Use your imagination!

Enjoy the warmth indoors

Part of the joy of spending time outdoors is coming back inside where it’s warm! Before heading out, optimize the heating in your home, setting the temperature to Ultra-comfortable. When you return, take off your cold, wet coat and slip into some thick, fluffy socks and loose clothing. Curl up with your favourite throw, and add some cushions and a plush rug for good measure. Textures like knits and faux fur promote wellness and are comforting to the touch.

Cultivate happy moments

It bears repeating: happiness cannot be bought. You’ll find it in life’s simple things, like a moment spent reading a good novel (or even this article!), taking a bubble bath, or contemplating a beautiful sunset—or the flames in your fireplace—while sipping a glass of wine or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. These simple pleasures really can do a world of good.

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