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How will you treat yourself if you win?

If you win your delivery, or in other words, get an unexpected boost to your cashflow, how would you treat yourself? Here are a few ideas that may inspire you to pamper yourself for a change.

1. A night out on the town

Is there anything better than a good meal followed by a critically acclaimed movie or a play that just earned rave reviews? Treat yourself to an evening filled with culinary and cultural delights. Choose your favourite restaurant or reserve a table at a place you’ve been dying to try. Why not?

2. A personal chef

Are you more of a homebody? Use your newfound cash to treat yourself to a personal chef who will cook for you in your very own home! Go ahead—splurge a little. Sip on a glass of wine and watch in awe as a chef whips up the meal of your dreams—sushi, barbecue, French cuisine or Italian classics, whatever your heart desires! Why not invite your friends or family to join in on the fun? It’s moments like these that you will never forget.

3. A weekend getaway with the family

Pack your bags and head out on an outdoor adventure with the family! Rent a cottage or visit a lodge and treat yourself to a rejuvenating weekend. Your home away from home is just a click away. Enjoy all four seasons Make the most of your time off by getting your blood pumping—go for a walk, cruise on a boat or, if snow is in the forecast, go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or downhill skiing, it’s up to you. No trip to the great outdoors is complete without a cozy late-night fire to warm the soul!

4. A spa retreat

Escape the cold weather by indulging in a spa retreat! The soothing warmth of the baths and spas compliments the fresh outdoor air to create total relaxation. Let yourself be carried away by the stunning beauty of the surrounding landscapes and abundant nature. Bring along your friend or partner and get pampered together at that spa you’ve had your eye on for ages. Say yes to your health!

5. A weekend “staycation”

Break free from routine! You don’t have to go far to have fun. Instead of travelling abroad, why not treat yourself to a staycation—a short vacation close to home to rediscover the charm of your city, town or region. For example, explore a new neighbourhood by trying a unique restaurant. Spend a few nights at an all-inclusive hotel, instead of in your own bed. Act like a tourist and take in some of the most popular sights—museums, shows or a massage. A relaxing, budget-friendly vacation within reach!

6. A family photo shoot

Hiring a photographer is a big deal. Now is the perfect time to enjoy a family photo shoot in your charming home or on your stunning property! Capture the beauty of the moment by getting the whole family together—grandparents, children, brothers and sisters—the whole crew. Print off your favourite snaps to decorate the walls of your home or spoil those you love with some of the best shots of the day. After a fun-filled day of picture-taking, feast with the entire family or indulge in an array of appetizers to celebrate being together!

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