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Six Road Trip Playlists

It goes without saying that any reason or any season is great for listening to music. 

If you’re on the hunt for a bit of musical inspiration, or you simply enjoy curated playlists, Ultramar has just the thing. We’ve put together ideal tracks for different kinds of road trips. Just press “Play”, and you’re set!

A drive through the countryside

Whether you’ve planned a family day with the kids or a getaway with your sweetheart, this playlist featuring hits from the nineties and noughties is sure to put you in the right mood for a drive through the countryside!

Oldies en français, s’il vous plait!

Feeling nostalgic for the last five decades? Whether you remember them or not, this playlist is sure to bring back memories. Thanks to this collection of French-language hits, you’ll be ready for an adventure on the road, or a musical evening with friends and family at home!

Hitting the beach with friends

This playlist is perfect for a sunny day spent with your best friends by the water with your feet in the sand. This hit mix is sure to create a festive atmosphere!

On the road to see family and friends

It’s early afternoon on a Sunday, the sun is at its peak, and your car is shiny and clean: all that’s left to do is get comfortable behind the wheel and drive off to see family and friends. Don’t forget to liven up your visits with this playlist, which is sure to conjure up some memories!

Heading to the cottage

Whether you’re off for the weekend or a longer stay in the woods, you’ll want to enjoy the ride there while listening to classics that have stood the test of time. A wide array of music from the 1960s to the 2000s awaits!

Getting ready to dance the night away

Have you been invited to a party at a friend’s house or anywhere else with a dance floor? Put on your favourite outfit and break out your best dance moves with this playlist featuring the latest pop and electronic sounds!

Happy driving!

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