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Finding comfort and well-being, day after day, is possible with our selection of Ultramar air conditioners and heat pumps. However, do you know which device is best suited to meet your needs? Here you’ll find some useful information to help you make an informed choice.

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1. Area coverage

It’s the size of the room you wish to cool that will determine the strength of the air conditioner and force required. This force is expressed in Btu/h (British thermal units per hour). It is therefore important to select an air conditioner, taking into account the area to be covered.

  • A larger home: a central air conditioning system is generally chosen for this type of home.
  • A small home or condo: a wall mounted air conditioner is often the number one choice for smaller spaces.

2. Tenant or owner: choices that differ

A portable air conditioner or a window mounted unit that can be easily moved are better choices when renting. If you own your home, a wall mounted united or a central system make excellent choices.

3. The importance of an air exchanger for central air conditioning

Do you dream of having a central air conditioning system? Be aware that it is necessary to have forced air central heating prior to installing such a system. If this isn’t the case, a wall mounted air conditioner might be more suitable.

4. The central heat pump: an excellent choice, all year round

You want to have both an air conditioning system during the summer and an efficient heating system in winter? The heat pump does an excellent job regulating the temperature in your home all year long. This is an ideal system for those who heat their homes with fuel oil and who wish to make significant savings.

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