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Cleaner and more efficient gasolines

All our gasolines contain an additive that provides optimal performance while keeping fuel distribution systems clean.

Regular gasoline – Octane No. 87

Meets the minimum requirement for most vehicles.

Plus gasoline – Octane No. 89

Recommended for harsher driving conditions such as very hot weather and heavy towing as well as for some high-mileage vehicles.

Supreme gasoline – Octane No. 91

Required for high-compression motors to work as efficiently as possible. Has a low sulfur content and thus reduces polluting emissions.


No additives required! Our diesel fuels comply with established adhesion standards that prevent injection systems from wearing out early.


E-10 Gasoline

E-10 gasoline is a blend that generally contains up to 10% ethanol and up to 90% unleaded gasoline. Ethanol is a high octane renewable fuel which generally allows to reduce pollutants and exhaust emissions. Ultramar sells gasoline with added ethanol in markets where it is required by law and in some markets where conditions warrant it. A federal government regulation requires that gasoline sold in Canada, since September 1st, 2010, contain an annual average of 5% ethanol, overall. Furthermore, various provincial regulations are also in effect in Canada, some of which have higher requirements in terms of ethanol content.

At stations offering gasoline containing ethanol, the pumps carry stickers indicating that the gasoline may contain up to 10% ethanol.

Material data safety sheets

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