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Become a retailer with a unique network of service stations

Become a retailer with a unique network of service stations

Since 1961, Ultramar has established itself as an oil industry leader in Eastern Canada. Its network of nearly 800 service stations makes it one of the most important oil product distributors in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

Investing to become a service station owner means choosing proven expertise, a turnkey concept, and top-tier guidance for all operations pertaining to your business project.

Our advantages: 

  • Personalized support, notably for access to credit when purchasing a franchise;
  • Being connected to a sales team that is available everywhere in Eastern Canada;
  • Inventory control system ensured by an electronic point-of-sale terminal;
  • Access to strategic agreements with different providers;
  • Cutting edge inventory distribution service;
  • Active and effective marketing department which helps generate business for your station;
  • Stations supplied through consignment, helping you remain very competitive.



Choose the Express Mart banner to increase profitability!

Acquiring an Express Mart is for Ultramar retailers seeking to offer added value to their services through a strong network and a well-known brand. It’s a great business model addition which helps increase revenue, all while letting you maintain operational and financial independence.

Choosing this banner means selecting a winning partnership, notably by obtaining supplies in the best possible conditions. Our vision: to create the largest banner group in Eastern Canada by filling the needs of the modern customer.

Our advantages:

  • Supplies through our wholesaler, using a regularly updated website;
  • Monthly launches with promotions, supported by advertising materials and supplier discounts;
  • Sound advice regarding optimal use of store space;
  • Expert category management team with in-depth knowledge of the convenience store market;
  • Ultramar wholesale prices and discounts through our warehouse supplier’s directory;
  • Competitive volume discount programs on warehouse purchases, direct deliveries, and certain major categories;
  • Various programs which allow our retailers to stand out from the competition such as calling cards, bank ATMs, car washes, coffee programs, and more.
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