Rebate on heating oil and equipment

Rebate on heating oil and equipment

Every time you pay your heating oil invoice using your Ultramar MasterCard credit card, you'll automatically get a 2.5% rebate.

This rebate applies to all your heating oil purchases, equipment and any other product purchased at Ultramar Energy.

Rebate on gasoline and convenience purchases

Total monthly purchases Monthly rebate
From $0.01 to $100.00 1%
$100.01 and more 2%
Total annual purchases posted to the account % rebate on purchases made at retailers other than Ultramar
From $0 to $6,000 0.25%
From $6,000.01 to $9,000 0.50%
$9,000.01 and more 1.25%

The maximum annual rebate on all purchases made with your Ultramar MasterCard is $250.

* All purchases charged to your Ultramar MasterCard will be considered when calculating your rebate, except purchases of heating oil made at Ultramar Energy.


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