Our involvement

For the 12th consecutive year, Ultramar service stations will be collecting donations during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help fund the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s initiatives. Did you know that breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer in Canada? Since the beginning of its involvement, Ultramar has donated over $3.8M to the Foundation. 

How we’re helping

  • Ultramar is donating $100,000 to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation to help launch its unique Active Health program.
  • In addition, Ultramar will donate 1¢ per liter of Supreme gasoline, and $1 per Supreme car wash sold at its Quebec, Ontario and Atlantic Provinces service station locations.
  • $1 and $5 donations provided by Ultramar customers through their sales receipt, as well as funds from special collection boxes will be added to the amount.

The Active Health program’s goals

Ultramar and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation are joining forces to develop a unique program, which highlights physical activity and an active lifestyle as a way of reducing the risk of developing breast cancer, as well as preventing its recurrence. Its goals:

Breast Cancer: Active Body, Calm Mind

Breast Cancer: Active Body, Calm Mind

No woman is prepared for a breast cancer diagnosis. Some learn that they are at risk without necessarily developing it. Others have survived it and are in remission, hoping to never face a recurrence. No matter the situation, regaining your composure is essential. This will help you take a step back to better assess, understand, and deal with the situation.

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Breast Cancer & Exercise

Breast Cancer & Exercise

Physical activity isn’t only for athletes, die-hard sports fans, or people looking to lose weight and gain muscle tone. It is accessible to everyone, and each person can adapt it to their physical condition and lifestyle. The same goes for women fighting breast cancer, whether they are at risk, have recently been diagnosed, are undergoing treatment, or are in remission.

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In pink for the cause

Watch the inspiring video highlighting 10 years of Mitsou's involvement with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.


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