The mission of the Ultramar Foundation is to provide financial support to children’s charities in the communities we serve, in Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.


Each year, we organize a grand event called La grande Ruée. All the proceeds from this event are donated to local charities, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal.The Ultramar Foundation donates over $700,000 to children’s charities of Eastern Canada every year. These funds are used to take concrete steps to promote the well-being of thousands of children in our community.

All the proceeds from the air pumps in our Canadian network are also donated to the Ultramar Foundation.

Support for local charities

All employees are invited to submit the charitable organization of their choice to the committee responsible for directing donations. In order to be eligible for a donation from the Ultramar Foundation, the organization must meet the following requirements:


Each year, the Ultramar Foundation donates to more than 40 children’s charities. Learn more…

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