A winning partnership

A winning partnership

Ultramar offers access to a network of affiliated convenience stores which compares favourably with the best convenience store chains in North America.

Express Mart regroups close to 100 Ultramar-affiliated service stations that provide a large selection of convenience products and services to make travelling more pleasant when filling up the tank. It’s simple, fast and efficient.

The Express Mart banner is a partnership agreement with Ultramar-affiliated dealers that delivers increased sales thanks to tools that Ultramar makes available, all the while allowing dealers to remain in charge.


Here are 15 excellent reasons to choose the Express Mart banner:

1. Supplies through our wholesaler with the help of a personalized directory updated by our marketing service.

2. Monthly marketing activity with promotions in the main categories, all supported by promotional material.

3. Supplied product directory. Store fit-out service provided by our suppliers is available for the majority of categories, at opening.

4. Participation in network promotions: draws, various in-store supplier activities, all supported with supplier promotional material.

5. Expert guidance in setting up a sales room as well as in strategic positioning of products and furnishings, all based on market studies.

6. Expert guidance on the optimal use of the store’s space.

7. Access to the expert advice of our furniture and equipment suppliers for those dealers wanting to refurbish or build a new site.

8. Coordination between various suppliers and agencies during the sales room refurbishment.

9. Expert category management team that has in-depth knowledge of the convenience store market.

10. Certain equipment and displays available for free thanks to our supplier agreements.

11. Central invoicing service for your direct delivery purchases, all grouped together on the same payment as your warehouse purchases (PPA).

12. Free TELXON service.

13. Ultramar wholesale prices and rebates through our warehouse supplier’s directory. Direct delivery supplier specials through our monthly marketing activity.

14. Competitive volume rebate program on wholesale purchases, direct deliveries as well as for certain principal categories-—the only program in existence for independent convenience stores in the petroleum industry.

15. Various programs that allow our dealers to stand out from the competition such as calling cards, automatic tellers, car wash, coffee service and many other programs to come.


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